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  • RFID Chicken ProjectDateSun Sep 22, 2013 7:45 pm
    Forum post by philip. Topic: RFID Chicken Project

    I just tested some of the rings that I just received and they appear to work. However, and it is a big however, they only read with some antennas. Let me explain:

    I'm using a little module that does the reading and it uses an external antenna (coil of wire). A small coil was provided with the module and this antenna reads keyfob tags but not the chicken ring. I did make an antenna which is about 2 inches by 12 inches (to go across the front of a nest box) and it will read the ring. I actually made a number of different antennas this shape with different numbers of turns. It reads with some turn counts and not with others. It seems that having fewer turns is better. More characterization is needed.

    THey do have unique IDs (at least in 32 bit mode)

    I can sell some of my rings (up to 50 in all) on the above understanding: $11 for 10 rings (including US shipping) paypal. Please contact me first.......


  • RFID Chicken ProjectDateSat Sep 21, 2013 2:34 am

    My plan is as follows:

    Install an RFID reader at the front of each nest box (8). Two going out of the coop into the ourdoor area (so I can tell direction). One around a USB weighing machine (postal scale) next to the feeder so that I can randomly weigh the girls. Two more in the "chunnel" aka chicken tunnel that leads from the outdoor pen into my fenced in orchard.

    Each of the RFID readers generates the 2-wire wiegand protocol and these are all sent to an arduino which just sends valid decodes down a serial line (really USB) to some small computer that has network access (this may be a TL-WR703 -- a $22 wifi travel router that you can flash with a linux system).

    The RFID readers are based around a module from china and a custom made antenna. The arduino decoder is probably a teensy3. Two RFID readers and one teensy3 can (I think) fit on one 10cmx10cm PCB. Only one of the PCBs has the teensy3 on it, and all the others connect back to the master.

    The most expensive bit of the readers is almost the case (which look to be somewhat over $11 each inc shipping).


  • Automatic Chicken DoorDateSat Sep 21, 2013 2:26 am

    I have an automatic chicken door which is controlled by a light sensor (and an arduino). The actuator is a big linear actuator that came off a hospital bed and has about an 18inch throw. It is immensely powerful (200 lbf) so it would crush a chicken if it didn't move. It is also very slow so squashed chicken has not proved to be an issue.

    I don't have a problem with chickens staying out at night.


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